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Have you recently received calls for Free Burglar Alarm Systems?

They ask you if you have a Burglar Alarm System? If you would be interested in talking to a sales representative about installing a Burglar Alarm System?

Then they ask you for  your address so a sales person can come by and provide a free estimate.

Are you aware that in a 3-minute conversation, much like the one above, you have just informed a complete stranger that you DO NOT HAVE AN ALARM SYSTEM, and you have just GIVEN THEM YOUR ADDRESS.

Now that doesn't mean be fearful of alarm installers, but it does mean be aware of the information you are giving out freely over the phone.

Lookout Security Systems, Inc. does not believe in telemarketing.

With 14 years of industry experience, Lookout Security Systems, Inc. relies on the happiness of our customers and their willingness to refer us.

 Lookout Security Systems, Inc. has grown over 650% in the past year alone, a majority of that growth stems from the referrals of our current customers.

Lookout Security Systems, Inc. is looking out for what means most to our customers, as they continue to lookout for us.

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